Hollywood Recording Studio (2106)

December 27, 2023

Knowing the codes averted a crisis!

This project brought quite a few surprises but then again, all re-purposed buildings bring their hidden challenges. Here we turned a 4 storey last century warehouse into a 5 storey 21st century musical birthplace. Besides the usual “things not being where they should” we encountered a more impactful problem in the stairwell. While Detailing the stair system we realized that using the designed Channel stringer configuration within the antiquated stairwell would cause a reduction of the egress area below what California regulations dictate. We then undertook re-Designing a new system of Plate stringers and integrated guardrails that complied with the Code. Problem Solved! Living quarters, recording studio, bar, commercial kitchen, dance floor, BBQ area … all we lacked was an attendance invitation!