Terms & Conditions

  1. Pricing
    • Unless otherwise stated ALL Quotes exclude GST, VAT, etc..
    • Quotes are ONLY for the specific services described and do not include site measures, liaison with other trades, Change Orders, or any other assumed responsibilities.
  2. Delivery
    • MCE Ltd. will endeavour to meet or better submission deadlines for deliverables. However as Detailing is a conditional undertaking, difficulties, obstacles, and missing information are not prescient and at times hinder our ability to meet these deadlines. As such MCE Ltd. Will not incur penalties for missed submission dates.
    • MCE Ltd. assumes no responsibility for any errors in fabrication contained in our documents that are issued prior to those indicated as ISSUED FOR FABRICATION.
  3. Invoicing
    • Invoicing will occur monthly either in full or progressive amounts dependent on size and length of project.
    • MCE Ltd. will defer to Client’s invoicing submittal process.
    • Client has 3 days to contest and/or negotiate the amount of an invoice. Without contestation, the Invoice will be considered payable as per these Terms Of Trade.
  4. Payment
    • Payments must be made 15 days after issuance of Invoice (unless contested as per above).
    • Unlike the conditional nature of Detailing, the Finance Arrangements of a project are well defined and established by the time MCE Ltd. is engaged as a service provider. As such, MCE Ltd. will not suffer any delays of Invoice payments, nor provide implied financial services by accepting late payments or deferring Invoices.
    • MCE Ltd. Reserves the right to suspend provision of services if payments become more than 15 days in arrears.
    • Any expenses, costs or disbursements incurred by MCE Ltd in recovering any outstanding monies, including debt collection agency fees or solicitor’s costs, shall be paid by the Client.
  5. Back Charges
    • MCE Ltd. will only be liable for “Back Charges” in as much as that value pertains to the fees we charged for creating the incorrect assemblies/parts. As example:
    • Project value = 10,000
      Project parts = 1,000
      Incorrect assembly = 3 parts.
      MCE Ltd.’s liability = $30.00
  6. Intellectual Property
    • All 3D models created in the process of producing any deliverables will remain the property of MCE Ltd. We will NOT release any model data unless under separate contract.
    • All source code of any applications we develop is covered by an EULA which will accompany any development work we undertake on your behalf. It remains our property in perpetuity and its use by any other party is subject to the laws related to software piracy.
    • Upon accepting our Quote, a binding contract between the Client and MCE Ltd. will arise based on these Terms Of Trade. These Terms may be amended only by written agreement between Client and MCE Ltd., and specifically addressing this document. These Terms will NOT be superseded or infringed by any Terms included in subsequent Purchase Order documents issued by the Client. By accepting our Quote, you agree to these Terms of Trade.